We are specialists in national security projects, trusted by governments to deliver aerospace & aviation solutions and technologies, mission sustainment and support in civil initiatives.

EWT’s capabilities take root in our years of experience of serving governments and enterprises across Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and West Asia and the parent group’s global reach and expensive project and technology portfolio. Great Continent Holdings International Ltd. is an investment group with South African roots vested in the funding and growth of medium to large industrial, agricultural and other strategic investments across Africa and selected emerging markets in the Middle East and former CIS countries.

Our passion and focus is that of nation-building infrastructure related to the provision and maintenance of peace keeping, security and sustainable governance in emerging markets. 

Our solutions range from financial products through harsh-environment industrial processes to aerospace, security equipment and infrastructure.

Central to our approach is the desire for long-range relationships and the need to preserve our brand values. To this extent we generally engage with clients on an exclusive basis and provide an holistic approach to the provision of mission critical infrastructure leveraged by innovative financial instruments where needed. 

We welcome opportunities to establish new partnerships and see how we can fill your strategic needs


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